About us

5 years of Autoinspekt. Always ready to rock-n-roll.

About Autoinspekt
A comprehensive used car evaluation package, to help determine the quality of the car. With Autoinspekt, get the speed of automation and the assurance of physical inspection. Our qualified engineers take care to thoroughly inspect the vehicle across a comprehensive checklist and provide a detailed evaluation report, including vehicle & documents details with images and chassis imprint along with refurbishment cost and the present market price of the evaluated car using IBB pricing guidance.

Autoinspekt Work Process
We only need the name, address and phone number of the seller along with the Make and Model of car. We contact the seller to let him know that you have retained our services and that our nearest inspector will be calling him shortly to arrange a convenient time to inspect the car. When the completed report is ready, we send you an e-mail to let you know that you can view it on our web site. We also provide a phone number for you to call us if you have any questions. That's it! - The whole thing is usually accomplished in 24 hours. Our detailed reports cover an extensive amount of information, digital photos & pricing guidance

Why Choose Us
Simply, because our mission is to provide you with a premium service. Our feeling has always been that you should get all the information you need from an inspection, because one key thing that gets missed could end up costing you hundreds or even thousands of Rupees. You need to know all the cars faults BEFORE you buy it not when it gets delivered to you.

Our Progress

Autoinspekt Progress Timeline

  • 01

    Autoinspekt Developed

    April 2012

  • 02

    Market Launch

    October 2012

  • 03

    Autoinspekt For 6 Vehicle Categories

    October 2012

  • 04

    Tie ups with Banks,NBFC'S, Corporate & Dealers

    January 2013

  • 05

    1,000 Vehicles Inspected

    July 2013

  • 06

    50,000 Vehicles Inspected

    April 2014